6 reasons I LOVE my BANANA.. And you should toooooo.


I love IT Ripe

I love IT Firm

I love IT Hard

Banana is a very common fruit available all year round.  It has interesting  health benefits and should not be taken for granted. 

1. It is a Good source of dietary fiber which improves digestion and alleviate constipation. 

2. Natural source of potassium and biotin to regulate blood pressure and improve kidney function.

3. Contains almost no Fat with ZERO cholesterol.

4. Source of antioxidants, vitamins B6,vitamin C, and iron to regenerate our cells and protect us from free radicals.

5. Increases serotonin level which calms the body ensuring sound sleep at night .

6. FINALLY.. Bananas are high in bromelain and b vitamins, both of which are Nature’s cocktail of sexual hormone regulators that can help improve sexual function, sexual desire, and sexual virility.

Now you know why I LOVE my BANANA.

Chop a Banana Today!