Every one who has successfully lost a reasonable amount of weight documents it. To Some it serves as a memoir and to others, a reminder or encouragement to one’s self as well as others who might have weight issues or challenges. Reading people’s experience spurs us to keep going on. It really can be done. So here’s mine.

I did not just wake up and find myself fat. I remember I weighed 65kg during my first pregnancy (baby, amniotic fluid and all) . Infact I was a skinny child. Growing up I had very funny nicknames to match my stature. Mosquito, pencil, and some other names I prefer not to pen down. Going to a boarding school far away from home did not help my ministry too.1477691453231

It came as a big shock when I gained so much weight. I had progressed to almost 90kg after my 3rd pregnancy (I mean after delivery o) . Was it even possible that someone as thin as I could get fat? Truthfully, secretly I enjoyed it. I wanted a change. I wanted big breasts and big shaking behind like other women. Wasn’t that the epitome of a real African woman?

Hmm…. It was all i wanted until the name calling started once again.  You see, irrespective of your size, people will still talk. They will drink panadol extra on top of your matter that you really begin to believe their very life depends on your size. I suddenly realized I had to make a decision. Do I prefer the fat name calling or the skinny name calling? Your guess is as good as mine. I chose to be called mosquito once again. And I choose to keep answering the “are you sick” questions. God knows, I’m not sick!

So the journey started. 2011 was my starting point and I haven’t looked back.! One post obviously is not enough to share the experience, but I promise to do so subsequently. My challenges and rewards as well as my technique.

Till I come your way again,

Cherry Cheers!


Ps: Don’t forget to share your experience or challenge in the comments section.

PROULY ME ‘@ 88-90kg